Hello I'm Utkarsh

It feels so great to have you here at my personal "ME" Page.
I hope you had a great time on my portfolio.

I love My Family Playing Guitar Playing Flute Sketching Going on Tours

Casual ME

I live in Kolkata, celebrated as the City of Joy. You can think of me as a Bengali but my family originates from Bihar. I was born and brought up here but my mother tongue is Hindi, so it is fine to call my language an imperfect but amusing mixture of both. I have a dangerous predilection for the famous Bengali "Rosogolla". My life revolves around a small and sweet family of six comprising of my precious parents, grandparents and my dearest sister. Music captivates me and coming up with one of my own seems so exciting.

My college life at IIT Roorkee, my second home, has been so much fun where I experienced being on my own, travelling alone, going on trips and late night fun activities. This is the last year of my undergraduate life and I am quite nostalgic about me standing at the main gate of IIT Roorkee on my first day here.

My Activities

I am involved in activities like sketching and playing guitar. Also, I am learning to play the Indian bamboo flute.


Fortunately, my Father loves to go on trips too and so do I. My family celebrates a lot of festivals. Also, my sister is quite good at taking selfies 😜


I have very precious home-town friends, a great family of my Mechanical batchmates and a great Motorsports team full of enthusiastic like minded people.