Hi! I am Utkarsh Mishra. I am a 2nd year PhD student in Robotics at Georgia Tech with Dr. Yongxin Chen and Dr. Danfei Xu. I am particularly interested in exploring generative methods and robot learning to achieve generalizable and safe autonomy. I graduated from IIT Roorkee with a B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering in 2021. I have worked with Sony R&D US Labs, Prof. Matthew E. Taylor at the Inverse Reinforcement Learning lab, University of Alberta and Prof. Shishir Kolathaya at the Stochastic Robotics lab, Indian Institute of Science. Previously, I have collaborated with Prof. Auke Ijspeert and Dr. Dimitar Stanev at the Biorobotics Laboratory, EPFL. I have also worked on Cable Driven Robots with Dr. Stéphane Caro at CNRS-LS2N France.

  • Generative Skill Chaining is accepted as CoRL23 poster. More details can be found here.
  • I am reviewing for NeurIPS 2023 and CoRL 2023, will continue with ICLR 2024.
  • I started as an AI/ML intern at Sony R&D US Labs with the Core AI Research Group.
  • "ReorientDiff: Diffusion Model based Reorientation for Object Manipulation" is out on Arxiv: 2303.12700.
  • I am reviewing for ICML 2023.
  • I started collaborating with Dr. Danfei Xu on solving long horizon TAMP problems.
Selected Articles

Generative Skill Chaining: Long-Horizon Skill Planning with Diffusion Models.
Utkarsh A. Mishra, Shangjie Xue, Yongxin Chen and Danfei Xu.
Poster at CoRL 2023.
Website    Paper    Code    Video
ReorientDiff: Diffusion Model based Reorientation for Object Manipulation.
Utkarsh A. Mishra and Yongxin Chen.
Under Review.
Poster: RSS 2023 Learning for Task and Motion Planning Workshop
Website    Paper    Code    Video
Learning Representations for Control over Pixels: What Matters and Why.
Manan Tomar*, Utkarsh A. Mishra*, Amy Zhang and Matthew E. Taylor.
Transactions in Machine Learning Research 2022.
Poster: Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making 2022.
Poster: Ecological RL workshop at NeurIPS 2021.
Website    Paper    Code    Video
Dynamic Mirror Descent based Model Predictive Control for Accelerating Robot Learning.
Utkarsh A. Mishra*, Soumya R. Samineni*, Prakhar Goel, Chandravaran Kunjeti, Himanshu Lodha, Aman Singh, Aditya Sagi, Shalabh Bhatnagar and Shishir Kolathaya.
ICRA 2022.
Poster: 2nd Offline RL workshop at NeurIPS 2021.
Poster: Deep RL Workshop at NeurIPS 2021.
Website    Paper    Code    Video
Linear Policies are Sufficient to Realize Robust Bipedal Walking on Challenging Terrains.
Lokesh Krishna*, Guillermo A. Castillo*, Utkarsh A. Mishra, Ayonga Hereid, Shishir Kolathaya
Website    Paper    Code    Video
Learning Control Policies to Imitate Human Gaits.
Utkarsh A. Mishra, Dimitar Stanev, Auke J. Ijspeert, and Pushparaj M. Pathak.
Bachelor Thesis Report
Website    Paper    Code    Video
Learning Linear Policies for Robust Bipedal Locomotion on Terrains with Varying Slopes.
Lokesh Krishna, Utkarsh A. Mishra, Guillermo A. Castillo, Ayonga Hereid, Shishir Kolathaya
IROS 2021
Website    Paper    Code    Video
Forward Kinematics for Suspended Under-Actuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robots: A Neural Network Approach.
Utkarsh A. Mishra, Stéphane Caro
ASME Journal of Mechanism and Robotics
Special Issue: IDETC/CIE 2021 M&R Conference.
Website    Paper    Code    Video
Kinematic Stability based AFG-RRT* Path Planning for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots.
Utkarsh A. Mishra, Marceau Métillon, Stéphane Caro
ICRA 2021
Website    Paper    Code    Video

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